choosing a backyard storage shed

Finding the right backyard storage shed for your home can be a tough process. There are so many factors that influence your decision, such as style, size,  and the many ways you can use your structure. Since there’s a lot to evaluate before making a purchase, this guide will show you the top considerations that can help you make the best choice. Overall, these four factors determine the type of solution you need for an organized outdoor space:

  • How will you use the structure
  • Your yard’s size & characteristics
  • Your budget
  • Your style preferences

When you choose a backyard shed, you get an assurance of product quality and excellent customer support. Not only are our sheds designed for straightforward DIY assembly, but they are made of durable materials that are made to withstand the outdoors. By evaluating your needs through these top considerations, choosing a backyard shed can become an easier process.

ShelterLogic backyard storage shedShelterLogic backyard storage shed

1. How will you use your shed?

More than anything else, the storage shed’s function should dictate its main features such as size, material, layout, and foundation type. Knowing how you want to use the shed can also determine if you should be getting a shed or something else, like a gazebo or pergola. These quick questions about use help buyers determine the size and type of structure they need.

What will it hold?

Do you plan to store seasonal items like yard gear or pool equipment? A storage shed can be used in so many ways, so knowing what you plan to hold can help you find the right product. For instance, if you want to make a man cave, then you need a product that can be insulated and offer solutions for incorporating insulation and utilities. 

If you want to store small knick knacks, you can purchase a small shed and place it a spot that is convenient for you. Sheds that need to shelter riding lawn mowers and other large equipment need to have enough space to accommodate them.

How long do you need the shed for?

Is this shed a temporary shelter for bikes or toddler toys, or is it something you want to establish for long-term storage? Short-term storage seekers can choose among affordable portable sheds, which can change locations and be packed up anytime. From extra storage for camping or a seasonal setup for gardening tools, a portable shed helps you protect items outside that just need to be there for a limited time.

Do you need a shed for "me time?"

After determining what you need a shelter for, you may discover that you a comfortable place to unwind. Sheds make excellent "homes away from home" where you can relax and recenter. With just a bit of effort, you can prep a backyard storage shed to become a proper she shed, man cave, or workshop. In this extra space, you can bring in all your hobbies and side projects without creating "clutter" in the main part of your house. You also get the privacy to pursue all your creative visions. A shed for personal enjoyment can also be a good place to practice yoga, relax with a book, or enjoy some drinks with friends. 

What type of space do you have for a backyard storage shed?What type of space do you have for a backyard storage shed?

2. Yard size and characteristics

Your yard’s size determines much about the type of shed you get. Maybe you have a small yard and need to conserve space, or your yard is uniquely shaped to make it challenging to fit a standard-sized shed. 

For small yards, a small 8’ x 8’ shed can be just enough space to store your items without dominating your outdoor space. If you have a large yard and you need storage space for riding mowers and a lot of outdoor gear, then a large 14’ x 14’ shed that has a garage opening would be more convenient for you.

Lean-to sheds for narrow properties

If you have a narrow property, you can still get a roomy shed by changing your plans. Instead of a free-standing structure, consider a lean-to shed. This elongated shed attaches to the side of your house or sits up against a fence. 

Lean-to sheds can also lean against another existing shed or structure. Also, they aren’t just great space savers, but they can be accessed by a backdoor. Our Yardsaver Steel Storage Shed can have doors on both narrow ends to offer plenty of versatility.

When can you have a large shed?

When you have wide-open spaces on your property, a large shed is an excellent place to keep your outdoor yard equipment in a convenient spot. The key is to have a large even area on which you can place a foundation and the shed. 

Uneven, hilly areas can be tough to prep. If you have no choice but to choose an uneven site, then hire help till the land and lay the foundation of your choice. Time this task before the arrival of your large shed. If you plan to use a concrete foundation, give the materials enough time to dry. 

Since large sheds can be tough to assemble alone just due to the magnitude of their size, there is an option to order professional installation at checkout. ShelterLogic offers every buyer the peace of mind of an accurate, affordable, and fast installation right on their property. Time your installation correctly after the kit’s arrival for the best results.

No time for foundations?

If the task of laying a foundation isn’t on your timetable, then look to places where there is already a viable foundation. For instance, you can place a shed on an existing patio to spare yourself the labor of installing a foundation. This saves you time and lowers costs. Whether you want to get a small shed at the end of your patio or a lean-to-shed, having a floor ready-to-go is incredibly convenient.

backyard storage shed for the patiobackyard storage shed for the patio

3. What is Your Budget?

Money places a realistic limit on what you can get. Thankfully with backyard shed, there are standard to premium options that all offer durable, quality storage. We also have payment plans to help you obtain the structure you need by breaking up big costs into manageable payments.

Treat it like an important investment

A shed is a valuable investment that can be used for years and boost the appeal of your property. If you plan to sell your property later, the presence of a permanent storage shed is a positive factor. 

Investing in a quality product the first time eliminates buyer’s remorse. For instance, if you know that you need a larger shed but your budget is prohibitive, it’s better to get your product through financing and to be happier with your product in the long run. 

By settling for a shed that is too small to save on costs, you won't be able to store the items you need and may end up buying another insufficient product to try and make up for the mistake. Instead of wasting money twice, spend a little more to get the shelter you truly want the first time.

Do you need to factor in DIY Assembly or pay a handyman? 

If you plan on installing a small shed on your property, you can most likely find a friend and follow our easy DIY installation videos. However, if you have any doubt about doing the job correctly, add professional installation to the cart. Professional assembly will cost more initially but can save you time if you’re a novice that lacks the tools, know-how, and safety equipment. 

Does your shed need a floor?

If your shed is used to just store seasonal tools, then it doesn't need a fancy floor. However, a she shed or man cave should have a proper floor, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Interlocking laminate floors can mimic many high-end materials but at the fraction of the cost. Get a quote for installing this flooring type before you begin your project. 

Arrow Classic backyard storage shedArrow Classic backyard storage shed

4. How Does it look?

Since you will enjoy this structure for years, it should blend well with your property and meet your aesthetic needs. For instance, the 8’ x 6’  Arrow Classic shed offers a clean, basic look with vertical wall panels that blend well in practically any yard. 

The Select series sheds offer a wider range of color options like sage green, flute grey, and blue-grey. These products offer mid-range prices and incredible value. Meanwhile, the Elite Series sheds are made of highly anti-corrosive steel for many years of use. These sheds’ sleek vertical panels offer a high-end look that can blend into many outdoor setups.

Do you need approval from an HOA?

If you live in a community with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) then you may encounter some restrictions regarding what type of shed, size, etc you can build. Consult your HOA first to avoid fines or having to take down the shed altogether.

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