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Recline and Relax in Stylish and Functional Comfortable Beach Chairs

Relaxing and reclining has never been easier than with our selection of beach chairs. Get comfortable and lightweight beach chairs for your next vacation, camping trip or simply your backyard.

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What Is a Beach Chair?

A beach chair is a portable and lightweight seating solution that you and your family can enjoy not only at the beach, but on any outdoor adventure. Beach chair options from ShelterLogic Group are built with the highest quality materials complete with sturdy, stylish fabric and powder coated aluminum to stave off rust and corrosion.

A beach chair can increase comfort and convenience whether you are by the water or at your child’s soccer game. Lightweight construction means you can bring your seating solution anywhere you want for quick and easy support.

What Are the Different Types of Beach Chairs?

There are a variety of different beach chair options to choose from depending on how you plan to use them. Here are some of the most popular beach chairs and how you can best utilize them for your next adventure.

  • Backpack Beach Chairs: A backpack beach chair is one of the most versatile seating solutions on the market. They transform from a seat to a backpack in just moments, providing a hands-free way to get to and from the beach without the hassle. There is plenty of space to pack snacks, your cell phone, books, drinks, or anything else you might need while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Canopy Beach Chairs: A canopy beach chair is a versatile seating solution that also provides protection from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. Some of these beach chair options even have adjustable canopies which means you can move your shade when the sun moves, providing hours of comfort and protection while near the water.
  • Lounge Chairs for the Beach: Lounge chairs are ideal for the times you just want to sit back and read a book and soak in the sun. Choose from beach chair loungers with multiple reclining positions for when you want to lay out fully, or sit up just enough to scroll through your phone. You can even choose from a read-through lounger where you can lay on your stomach and read a magazine through your chair!
  • Reclining Beach Chairs: Reclining beach chair options are for adventurers who want choices. Pick a reclining chair with an ottoman attached complete with creature comforts like cupholders and a slot for your cell phone. Reclining chairs are perfect for those of us who want the comfort of home everywhere we go.
  • Tall Beach Chairs: When it comes to the right beach chair, one size does not fit all. In fact, for big and tall people, finding a beach chair with the right height and support is important for comfort. That’s why a tall beach chair that sits 17 inches off the ground will make it easier to sit and stand back up. In addition, these tall beach chair options provide more ample back support so you aren’t left feeling squeezed in on your vacation.