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There’s nothing as satisfying as an ice-cold refreshment on a warm summer day. Shop outdoor coolers, cooler bags, rolling party coolers and more from ShelterLogic to keep drinks and snacks cool no matter the occasion!

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What is a Beach Cooler

When you are headed for a day on the beach with family and friends, the last thing you want is a heavy cooler to lug around. While it is crucial to keep your drinks and food protected from the harsh sun, you also don’t want to be carrying a burden around all day. That is why a beach cooler is such an important investment if you spend a lot of time by the water or outdoors in general.

A beach cooler is a convenient and compact insulated cooler that can be easily transported no matter where your adventure takes you. While metal coolers can still be a great addition to any outdoor bash, a cooler bag will make your day a breeze.

Do I Need a Specific Cooler for the Beach?

These deluxe coolers are specifically designed for the beach, perfectly sized to keep your drinks and snacks fresh even as harsh UV rays beat down on the sand. A cooler for the beach provides ample space without making it difficult to transport to and from your car. They are packed with features that make your life easier including a separate exterior zipper pocket where you can keep your wallet or keys away from the water, salt, and sand.

How Cool is a Cooler Bag?

A beach cooler, when used properly, can keep your drinks and food cool all day long. They can hold up to 38 cans, keeping them chilled for your family as long as you are using ice. They are just as dependable as a standard cooler. These cooler bag options can even come with a built-in bottle opener. While each beach cooler is durable enough to take on Mother Nature, they are also designed with gorgeous beach style to make you feel like you are on vacation even if it’s only a day by the water.