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Looking for a portable pop-up tent that you can use for the beach, sporting events, or any outdoor activity? Shop pop-up canopies to find the perfect one for you!

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What is a Pop-up Canopy?

A pop-up canopy is a versatile and lightweight shelter consisting of four posts and a durable piece of fabric overhead to shield you from UV rays that can cause skin cancer. These structures are incredibly simple to set up, lending themselves to a variety of uses depending on your outdoor adventure.

When purchasing a pop-up canopy from ShelterLogic, you will receive a product with ultra-strong polyester fabric that is UV treated for increased protection. These models are also waterproof, which means you can rest assured your pop-up canopies can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

Why Do I Need a Pop-up Canopy?

You can use pop-up canopies for just about any event outdoors. Their lightweight construction makes it easy to transport no matter where your plans take you. While they might be most seen on the beach to protect families from the harsh sun, pop-up canopies are also very popular at other outdoor events including:

  • Concerts: Music festivals are more popular than ever. Pop-up canopies will protect you from not only sunlight, but inclement weather while you enjoy the tunes.
  • Sporting events: They can be assembled with 1-2 people in just minutes, providing quick and easy protection at your child’s baseball games or even professional sporting event tailgates.
  • Campgrounds: Pop up canopies are also perfect accessories for the campground. Whether you are fishing by the water for hours or using it as a way to cover your family while they eat at the campsite, it is a perfect tool.
  • Dog park: Fido needs protection from the sun, too! Bring pop-up canopies along for the ideal protection for you and your dog at the local dog park.
  • Farmer’s market: Whether you are selling items at a farmer’s market, or simply enjoying your finds, pop-up canopies can make your whole experience more enjoyable.