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Spruce Up Your Backyard with Wood Wall Art

Wondering how you can add artwork to your backyard entertaining space? Wood wall art and coastal decor from Margaritaville and RIO is sure to liven up any living space. Made to resist the outdoor elements, it’s great for outdoor or indoor use! Shop our selection of Margaritaville signs, beach-themed wall art, paddle and surfboard wall decor, and more.

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What Is Wood Wall Art?

Margaritaville wood wall art comes in a variety of shapes and sized. Made from sturdy pine and coated with a durable paint finish, this outdoor wall art is suitable as indoor décor as well. Wood wall art from Margaritaville can add a bit of the island life to your patio, deck, and other outdoor living spaces. With die cut shapes and brightly painted finishes, the Margaritaville and Landshark inspired outdoor wall art adds a splash of color to your backyard aesthetic.

Let Wood Wall Art Transform Your Space

Whether you’re grilling for a birthday barbecue or kicking back for a quiet night on your patio, creating a beautiful outdoor oasis is easy with wood wall art that fits your personality and style. Adding outdoor wall art accents your space and ties together the entire aesthetic for the island vibes you crave.

The Perfect Way to Decorate Outside

While having gorgeous wood wall art is a simple way to spruce up your outdoor space, it’s also important your decor can stand up to Mother Nature. Wood wall art from Margaritaville and RIO is designed to withstand the elements, making these pieces a great solution for decorating your outdoor walls. Margaritaville wooden wall art is made of pine wood, which is both lightweight and strong. These pieces also feature a waterproof, durable paint and are finished for outdoor use. Not only does stainless steel hardware makes it easy for you to hang outdoor wall art, it also resists corrosion and rust. Whether you’re looking for wood wall art to decorate your front porch or back patio, these features allow you to rest assured that your outdoor art will withstand the elements for years to come!

Margaritaville Signs and Outdoor Wall Art

If your idea of the perfect day is fun in the sun or relaxing in your own coastal paradise, then wood wall art from Margaritaville is the outdoor decor for you. While your outdoor space may have comfortable furniture and perfectly manicured landscaping, sometimes you need outdoor wall art to put the finishing touches on your unique design style. Turn a dull outdoor space into a beach getaway with brightly colored Landshark and Margaritaville outdoor wall art that will make you feel like you’re on vacation. Whether you hang it by your pool, by your bar, or even around your garden area, the vibrant colors will transform any space. Easy to set up and easy on the wallet, this wood wall art is a simple solution if you’re looking for a playful and tropical aesthetic for your home.

Landshark Wall Art with Distinct Island Flavor

If the outdoor lifestyle appeals to you, let your space reflect that with wood wall art that creates an island atmosphere right in your backyard. Choose from attractive Landshark wall art that's sure to be a conversation starter. Hang a shark bit paddle sign on the wall, and other nautical-inspired vibrant signs to tie together your beach aesthetic.

Outdoor Wall Art with a Margaritaville Twist

When you want to create a colorful outdoor hideaway with plenty of fun, Margaritaville signs and outdoor wall art are your answer. From shark bite surfboard wood wall art to quirky directional signs, adorn your outdoor haven with tropical art that will put you in an island state of mind. Choose from an array of beach landscape wood wall art to waste your cares away by the pool or the grill while entertaining friends. Adorned with playful island sayings and designed with beach bums in mind, it will be hard to not have fun when surrounded by this attractive outdoor decor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Margaritaville Outdoor Wall Art

How can I decorate the outside of my house?

Wood wall art is the perfect way to decorate the outside of your house. Durable yet attractive, wooden decor offers the ability to liven up any space while also withstanding the elements. After selecting the perfect wall art for your backyard or patio, finish bringing the island life to your backyard with Margaritaville’s entire collection of outdoor decor and outdoor furniture!

What kind of wood is used for wall decor?

Margaritaville signs and wall art are made of pine wood. Pine wood not only offers affordability and a beautiful grain, but it is also incredibly durable and lightweight, making it the perfect wood for outside wall decor!

How do I protect my outdoor art?

With Margaritaville wooden art, there is no reason to worry about protecting your outdoor wall decor against the elements. These pieces are made from strong pine wood and finished with a waterproof and durable paint that will look beautiful for years to come.

How do you hang wood wall art on the outside of your house?

Our wood wall art comes with stainless steel hanging hardwood that is designed for convenient installation and corrosion resistance.