Outdoor Folding Chairs

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Take a Seat Anywhere with Outdoor Folding Chairs

Whether you're planning your next beach trip, camping trip, or you simply need extra backyard seating, we have the perfect outdoor folding chairs for you. Choose from various colors, styles and sizes and get the outdoor foldable chair you love at a great price.

  1. Model #GRQR370-442-1
    Camp & Go Soft Arm Quad Rocker, Navy
    Camp & Go
  2. New
    Heavy Duty MaxShade™ Chair, Gray
    Model #161636DS
    Heavy Duty MaxShade™ Chair, Gray
    Quik Shade
  3. From CA$49.99
  4. 2 Options Available
    Margaritaville Suspension Chair
    From CA$49.99
  5. 2 Options Available
    Margaritaville Quad Chair
    From CA$39.99
  6. 2 Options Available
    Camp & Go Broadback Camping Folding Chair
    Camp & Go
    From CA$99.99
  7. CA$99.99
  8. 5 Options Available
    RIO Gear Bleacher Boss Bud Stadium Seat
    RIO Brands
    From CA$24.99
  9. Model #SC537-28-1
    Rio Big Boy Backpack Chair
    RIO Brands
  10. CA$84.99
  11. CA$74.99
  12. CA$79.99
  13. CA$69.99
  14. CA$149.99
  15. CA$52.99
  16. Model #BY405-0128-1
    Folding Web Lounge Chair, Blue / White
    Camp & Go
  17. Model #BY059-0128-1
    High Back Folding Web Chair, Blue / White
    Camp & Go
  18. Model #BY055-0128-1
    RIO Folding Web Chair, Blue / White
    RIO Brands
  19. CA$99.99

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Outdoor Folding Chairs

Take a Seat Anywhere with Outdoor Folding Chairs

Whether you're planning your next beach trip, camping trip, or you simply need extra backyard seating, we have the perfect outdoor folding chairs for you. Choose from various colors, styles and sizes and get the foldable chair you love at a great price.

Outdoor Folding Chairs for Maximum Convenience

Outdoor folding chairs are the perfect accessory to stay comfortable when you’re on the go. Whether you’re heading to the beach or cheering on your favorite sports team, outdoor chairs will keep you relaxed on your next adventure. Lightweight and simple to transport, portable chairs are an ideal choice for anything from a large gathering to a quiet day fishing.

The Best Foldable Chair Brands from ShelterLogic

ShelterLogic Group brands Quik Shade and RIO offer sturdy and durable outdoor foldable chair solutions for any event. Quik Shade offers a variety of outdoor folding chairs to keep you laid back and in the shade. Trips to your children’s baseball games just became easier with lawn chairs that are foldable and easily transported right back into your car. These durable chairs offer supreme UV protection and fabric bags for storage and travel. If it’s a sunburn you’re worried about, choose a covered canopy chair with adjustable height options. Whether you want a tan or protection from the sun’s harsh rays, RIO offers a variety of gorgeous beach chairs to choose from. All RIO chairs are constructed with bar tack stitching for supreme strength. The 600 denier fabric is high-quality and manufactured for everyday use. You can choose from portable chairs that recline to multiple different positions while you are reading a book in the sand. Or if you want a carefree day with no extra baggage, choose a backpack chair with built in straps so you can pack up and leave, traveling hands-free!

Types of Outdoor Folding Chairs

At ShelterLogic, we offer a wide variety of outdoor folding chair styles to choose from, providing you the opportunity to find the solution that best fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a beach chair with backpack straps for convenient trips from the vacation rental to the ocean, or you’re looking for a canopy chair to provide extra UV protection while watching your child’s soccer games, we’ve got you covered.

What Are Beach Chairs?

Beach chairs are essential for long days spent by the ocean. These outdoor folding chairs allow you to recline and relax while being out of the sand for a while. Beach chairs are made of light materials and are easy to carry. Some of the most efficient models of beach chairs are made with lightweight aluminum or steel frames and strong yet breathable polyester fabrics. There are 4 different styles of beach chairs to choose from:

Beach Backpack Chairs

Whether you’re preparing for a family outing at the beach, a beach backpack chair will provide everything you need to make the day enjoyable. Store your magazines, snacks, and any other outdoor gear you want inside the backpack. And once you get to your destination, the backpack turns into a cozy chair to help you take in the fresh air and relax.

Beach Canopy Chairs

These attractive outdoor folding chairs are more than comfortable seating solutions. Beach canopy chairs have a built-in sun shelter that's designed to keep your body out of the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends canopy chairs because of their ability to shield your skin against harmful UV rays. Beach canopy chairs are packed with convenient features to make every outdoor adventure more pleasant.

Folding Web Chairs

When you want something simple, RIO folding web chairs will get the job done. These foldable chairs open and close in a snap and have a simple no-frills design. Folding web chairs are made out of a strong, lightweight steel frame and durable fabric weave made to dry easily. Also, if you’re the kind of person who likes some sand-free time, this chair sits 16 inches above the ground.

Portable Lounge Chairs

For ultimate rest and relaxation, a portable lounge chair is a must-have accessory for your trip to the beach or a nap in the backyard. Kick back and relax with these outdoor folding chair options. These versatile portable lounge chairs come in vibrant colors and can turn your beach day into a breeze. They also provide extreme comfort and stability.

What Are Camping Chairs?

Whether you’re relaxing with a book by the campfire, catching fish by the lake, or waiting for a hot dog at a tailgating party, camping chairs bring comfort and convenience to your fun-filled family adventures. Quik Shade and RIO have you covered with a variety of outdoor folding chairs specifically designed for camping and great for every budget and lifestyle. Choose from foldable chair options with overhead canopies, cupholders, and other creature comforts that will make your camping trip even more enjoyable. For your next trip to the camp ground, keep your family relaxed with a large selection of camping chairs in a variety of colors for you and your kids! Options include spacious cupholders, canopy chairs, and even a heavy-duty option that carries up to 500 lb. Fashion meets function with these gorgeous chairs from Folding Chair, Pro Comfort, Quik Chair, and Shade Chair!

What Are Backpack Chairs?

Backpack chairs are outdoor folding chairs that have a variety of use cases. These foldable chairs from RIO and Margaritaville transform into a backpack with comfortable shoulder straps and roomy storage bags, which gives you the perfect way to keep your belongings safely stored while transporting them to and from your car. Pack magazines, towels, food, your phone, and car keys and store them in your backpack chair for supreme convenience. But the convenience doesn’t end there. Backpack chairs feature multiple reclining positions for ultimate comfort and have a reclining system that keeps your fingers from getting pinched accidentally while you adjust. They also feature wide molded armrests and cup-holders and will keep you relaxed listening to the waves for hours. You can choose from seating options that are high off the ground, low to the sand, or with a built-in adjustable pillow.

What Are Canopy Chairs?

If you're looking for an outdoor folding chair that can provide extra protection from harmful UV rays while you're at the beach, campground, tailgate, ballgame, or other outdoor adventure, then you should consider one of Quik Shade's stylish and affordable canopy chairs. Canopy chairs are made with sturdy aluminum or steel frames and have seats made with breathable stain and moisture resistant polyester fabric for durability and comfort. These foldable chairs also have an adjustable overhead canopy with several tilt positions and heights so you can block the sun from whatever direction it's coming from. For added convenience, canopy chairs come with built-in mesh cup holders so you can keep your drink of choice by your side while you rest. Some canopy chairs have multiple reclining positions so you can tilt back and relax while you stay out of the sun.

What Are Stadium Seats?

Padded stadium seats and stadium chairs are designed to improve your gameday experience. These outdoor folding chairs not only make those hard metal or wooden bleachers comfortable on your bottom, but they also provide the firm lower back support you need to make it through the game. Our compact, portable, and lightweight stadium seats have a convenient shoulder strap for easy carrying and are simply buckled to the bleacher seats for stability. Stadium chairs fit right onto the bleachers for a comfortable day at any sporting event. They are lightweight with multiple colors to choose from, ensuring you can show team spirit loud and proud. And for the ultimate tailgating portable chair, try a director's chair with cup holders and a shelf to keep your food and drinks before the game.