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What is a Portable Greenhouse

A portable greenhouse is a structure that improves your crops by allowing you to control the environment. This means your plants can survive and thrive in both the heat of the summer or a frigid winter. Portable greenhouses can also be moved if your growing needs change, which makes it a great investment.

These greenhouses come in a few shapes and sizes that can be customized to fit your personal needs. From a small greenhouse for a novice gardener to a large one for a commercial farm, a portable greenhouse can be utilized just about anywhere to strengthen your crops

Why Do I Need a Portable Greenhouse?

Portable greenhouses can help to regulate the temperature where our crops grow no matter the season. The high-quality PVC covers allow just enough light in while still insulating the area to ensure inclement weather or pests do not damage your plants. Creating the optimal place for your plants to grow will ultimately grow stronger plants faster. Portable greenhouses are also incredibly versatile because you can move them whenever needed.

Portable greenhouses also have an option for a small footprint, which means you don’t necessarily need a large area to grow plants. Even large-scale farms can benefit from portable greenhouses by starting crops in the greenhouse and transferring them outdoors when the weather is better. Elongating your growing season is perhaps the best benefit of using a greenhouse.

Another benefit to a portable greenhouse is the simple assembly. Unlike many greenhouse options that might need professional assembly, these are created for convenience and can be done without professional help.

Where Would I Put a Portable Greenhouse?

A portable greenhouse should be placed in an area with plenty of sunlight and placed East to West. Make sure to analyze where the sun hits throughout the day in the area where you are planning to place your portable greenhouse. You will also want to make sure you place the structure on high ground. Never erect portable greenhouses in an area that is prone to flooding, as it could create problems for your crops.

You also may want to place your portable greenhouse close to your garden shed or garage where your gardening tools are stored. Placing your greenhouse somewhere that is convenient to you will make it easier to check on your crops and keep you from having to lug equipment long distances.