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    High Tunnel Greenhouse

    High Tunnel Greenhouse from ShelterTech

    Grow Strong Plants, Faster

    With ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouses you can extend your growing season and grow strong plants more efficiently. Our made to order, custom configurable greenhouse units are available for purchase online. Build your own, today.

    High Tunnel Greenhouse Long

    ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouses: Made to Order in the USA

    Choose Your Size

    Configure your greenhouse to the size you need, up to 100 ft. long.

    Flexible Bundles

    We’ve got options. Choose the bundle that fits your needs.

    Strong ASTM Galvanized
    Steel Frame

    Tough US steel frame is built to last and won’t rust or corrode.

    One-of-a-Kind Luminate Fabric

    Promotes more even growing for strong plants and larger yields.

    Download the High Tunnel Greenhouse
    Product Guide

    Choose your bundle, configure your greenhouse. We offer commercial grade greenhouses at affordable price points. Learn more about the High Tunnel Greenhouse and start growing strong crops, faster.

    Discover All Our Greenhouse Options

    From backyard greenhouses, to compact high arch cold frames, get the right greenhouse for your growing needs at great prices.

    GrowIT® Backyard Greenhouse

    Whether you’ve been growing plants for years, or you’re just getting started, the GrowIT greenhouse is great for backyard growing.

    GrowIT® High Arch Greenhouse

    The reinforced alpine style 1 5/8 in. steel frame provides a maximum of 12 feet of overhead growing height with 10 feet of growing height throughout the majority of the Greenhouse.

    GrowIT® Heavy Duty Round Greenhouse

    This greenhouse delivers quality construction, roll-up side vents, quick and easy assembly and best in class value.

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    ShelterLogic does not condone any use of their products for illegal activities.