Camping Chairs Offer Versatile Seating Beyond the Campground

Camping Chairs Offer Versatile Seating Beyond the Campground
October 26, 2022

Camping chairs are perhaps the most durable piece of equipment you can find for camping. They are ideal for any activity at the campsite from fishing to roasting marshmallows by the fire. These folding chairs for camping are reliable and durable. There are a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from that fit into any budget.

What is a Camping Chair?

Camping chairs are seating solutions that can be folded for transport no matter where your next destination brings you. They are lightweight and ideal for on-the-go living. A folding camp chair provides a comfortable place to sit anywhere outdoors without having to worry about lugging around a heavy seating solution.

Folding chairs for camping can range from standard seating solutions to larger options that allow you to extend your entire body to lay out and relax in the sun. The bottom line is a folding chair provides extreme comfort without the hassle of bringing a heavy chair to an outdoor adventure.

What Makes Camping Chairs Great?

Camping chairs are incredibly versatile. You can choose from a number of different models that fit your unique needs. These seating solutions from CAMP&GO offer functional, stylish, and comfortable chairs no matter your destination. When choosing folding chairs from CAMP&GO, you will find products packed with features such as:

  • Multiple reclining positions: Folding chairs from CAMP&GO aren’t your average seating solution. When heading to the campsite, you may have plans to hunt or fish. But you also may want a place to kick back and recline to relax. These outdoor folding chairs have multiple reclining choices ideal for any camper.
  • Backpack folding chairs: Folding chairs for camping are lightweight. However, depending on how long you are heading out on your trip, it can be tricky to carry everything. Choose from a chair that transforms into a backpack. This means you can carry your seating solution without hands, and without the hassle. Enjoy a spacious pouch for snacks, water, tools, and anything else you need in the great outdoors. Comfort meets convenience with a backpack chair.
  • Lightweight construction: Folding chairs for camping will likely have to be carried from your car to the campsite. Once you’re at the campsite, you may even have to carry them hiking or on other daily activities. This is why it is so important that these folding chairs are lightweight and simple to carry.
  • Durable fabric: CAMP&GO folding chairs offer strong mesh fabric for impressive performance outdoors. Wind, dirt, and rain is no match for breathable mesh that increases airflow and comfort.
  • Cupholders: A cupholder is a creature comfort you will not want to do without on any trip outdoors. Keep your favorite beverage nearby and off the ground which makes it safer from dirt and debris. Your hot cocoa is right at your fingertips with folding chairs from CAMP&GO.
  • Carry bags: Transporting outdoor folding chairs can become difficult when you have multiple items to carry to and from your car. These folding chairs for camping come with carry bags for simple travel. The carry strap keeps your seating solution comfortably resting on your shoulder while you set up your campsite.
  • Headrests: A headrest or a padded pillow will allow you ultimate relaxation outdoors. Whether you are unwinding to read a good book or simply to talk with friends and family, this feature will keep you happy and free of neck pain.
  • Folding trays: Eating hotdogs and other food by the campfire isn’t easy without a table, which is also something you may not have the capacity to bring to your outdoor excursion. Enjoy built-in folding trays with select folding chairs, which provide a convenient spot to place our food, drinks, and even your favorite magazine.
  • Extra capacity: Folding chairs for camping are not one size fits all. In fact, big and tall campers will need a seating solution to adequately support their body. Choose from options that accommodate campers up to 400 lb. with larger seats and incredible back support. These models are built tough to withstand more weight without wearing down.
  • Higher seats: Not everyone can easily sit down and get up from a camping chair. Whether you have a bad back or other injuries, choose from models with higher seats for easy in and out access for your ultimate convenience and comfort.
RIO Camping ChairsRIO Camping Chairs

Where Can I Use a Camping Chair?

While camping chairs are ideal for the campsite, it is far from the only place you can enjoy these versatile outdoor accessories. When you’re done with the big trip, you will be able to utilize outdoor folding chairs at a number of outdoor events, including:

  • Sporting events: Whether you are attending your child’s soccer game or a professional football game, folding chairs are a creature comfort you will not want to do without. Forget a sore back on the bleachers when you can bring folding chairs to take in the big game for incredible comfort. You will also love having outdoor folding chairs around for the pre-game tailgate with friends.
  • Outdoor gatherings: You never know when your next family gathering or barbecue will have extra guests. Folding chairs can provide a welcoming atmosphere and convenient spot to relax when you need extra space for guests in a snap.
  • Farmer’s markets: If you are a small business owner to sells goods at a farmer’s market or other outdoor event, folding chairs will always come in handy when you are taking care of customers. You will need a reliable seating solution to conduct business and take pressure off your back.
  • Concerts: Take in your favorite artist in folding chairs whether it is at a large outdoor festival or a more intimate event. You will enjoy the show when you can kick back and relax in outdoor folding chairs.

CAMP&GO provides outdoor folding chairs with style and convenience at an affordable price point. Utilize a seating solution with a variety of benefits from camping to the big game. Never go without a place to relax when you have folding chairs from CAMP&GO by your side.

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