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Shed Hardware

Shed hardware are small but important pieces that not only keep your structure in proper working order, but can also make a difference in how the shed works. From fasteners to screws, there are a variety of shed hardware options to either add to your shed or replace depending on the age of your structure and the storage needs.

Door Kits

Whether your structure experiences rough weather or not, time is bound to take a toll on any of your outdoor buildings. Even if there is no damage, wear and tear can cause your doors to become a little more difficult to open. Dirt or debris can get stuck and turn the simple act of opening your shed door into more of a chore.

That is why door kits are such a great investment. Breathe new life into your shed and increase functionality by purchasing this shed hardware that can instantly add new door glides, door handles, and lower door guides. Instead of purchasing an entirely new shed after years of use, add new shed hardware.

Roll-up Door Kits

Fabric storage solutions are a durable and cost-effective way to protect your belongings. If you are walking or driving in and out of the shed on a regular basis, adding a roll-up door kit can increase convenience while keeping the structure in better working order. This shed hardware fits all double-zippered door fabric garages, sheds, and shelters. This will allow you to quickly open the doors while keeping them neat using a pulley system.

Roll-up door kits are constructed with a high-quality steel roll-up pocket pope which keeps the cover tight and secure. The sturdy pulley system is harnessed with a rugged tie down cleat that stands up to the elements season after season.

Tool Hanger

Sometimes shed hardware simply creates more organization and space to get your work done inside your structure. If you tinker around with your tools inside your shed and need a handy place to store them, a tool hanger is an ideal piece of shed hardware that never goes out of style.

This tool hanger includes two ultra-durable steel channels with plenty of space to declutter. Enjoy five snap-in tool holders along with a small tool holder for ultimate convenience. This piece of shed hardware will mount easily on any wall, and is constructed with the highest quality HDG steel for corrosion resistance.

Shade Cloth Hardware

You may not think about shade cloth hardware when it comes to must-have shed hardware products. But there are several products that will come in handy when you need to secure cloth to lumber when you need shade. Items like wood fasteners, fabric snap clips, grommets, and fabric tie wrap are all simple additions for shade in a snap.

Bungee Fasteners

These all-purpose bungee fasteners make it easy for you to add shed accessories without the hassle. Attach canopy covers or panels with these high-density woven nylon bungees. They also have UV protected coating for long lasting exposure to the elements.

Shed Vents

A vent kit is a great addition to any shed, although some sheds already have a vent kit built in. They promote airflow which decreases humidity and combats against rust and corrosion. A vent kit is an affordable way to keep your shed in top shape no matter the season.

Transparent Duct Tape

Transparent duct tape can repair holes in polyethylene shed covers. While it is a quick fix, it can also prevent from further damaging a shed cover.