Soft-top Gazebos

Affordable and Attractive Portable and Soft Top Gazebos

Affordable and Attractive Soft Top Gazebos

Want to add attractive shelter to your backyard space? Discover the practical and stylish elements of soft top gazebos. At ShelterLogic, our collection includes a wide variety of portable, collapsible, and fabric gazebos perfect for any occasion.

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What is a Soft-Top Gazebo?

A gazebo is a stylish shade solution with a roof supported by four posts. A soft top gazebo has a fabric roof, where a hard top gazebo has a solid roof. A soft top gazebo provides ample protection from harmful UV rays without breaking the bank. The gazebo roof is constructed with high-quality polyester to shield you and your belongings from direct sunlight. A soft top gazebo can be used in the same way as a hardtop gazebo as a gathering spot for friends and family.

A soft top gazebo from SOJAG comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to fit your every need along with existing outdoor décor. Although the roof of the soft top gazebo is constructed with fabric, the frame is made with durable powder coated aluminum that protects your structure from rust and corrosion. For increased protection and added privacy, you can choose from models with curtains and mosquito netting already included. Before the winter months, the fabric roof can be removed to ensure the structure stays safe from heavy snowfall.

How Do You Use a Soft-Top Gazebo?

A soft top gazebo can be used in the same way a hard top gazebo can be utilized in your yard. Here are some popular ways to use a soft top gazebo on your property that will provide endless comfort and fun whether you are inviting friends and family to gather or just spend a quiet night at home.

  • Gardening shelter: If you spend a lot of time gardening or tending to your plants, you know resting out of the sun is very important. A soft top gazebo can not only provide a space for you to rest and relax, it can also add a gorgeous focal point to your yard as a spot where you can sit and admire your hard work.
  • Pool cabana: Transform your pool patio to your very own personal resort by using your soft top gazebo as a pool cabana. Some soft top gazebo models already come with privacy curtains, so you will be able to enjoy seclusion and protection from harmful UV rays that can damage your skin.
  • Grill gazebo: Expand your kitchen outdoors with a soft top gazebo right in your backyard. You can use the fabric gazebo to shield your food from the sunlight or to organize your grill tools and serve food. Keeping your consumables out of the sun is also important for food safety.
  • Hot tub cover: A soft top gazebo can also be used to shelter a hot tub in your backyard. Provide privacy or simply protection from sun or rain.
  • Wet bar: Bring the year-round vacation vibe to your outside space by creating your own wet bar right under a soft top gazebo. Set up a seating area and serve up the drinks without having to leave home.

Where Do You Put a Soft-Top Gazebo?

A soft top gazebo has lightweight construction for ultra-fast assembly. You can place it anywhere on your property on level ground. As with any structure, take care to make sure you are not placing the structure in an area that is prone to flooding or water pooling.