Universal Winter Gazebo Covers

Universal Winter Gazebo Covers

Universal Winter Gazebo Covers

Winter weather can take a toll on your SOJAG gazebo. A universal winter gazebo cover protects the roof panels and frame so it will keep looking great.

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Why Use a Universal Winter Gazebo Cover?

  1. Protects your investment
    Protects your investment from harsh winter weather.
  2. Prevents the body
    Prevents the body and roof from scratches and chipping.
  3. Turns your gazebo
    Turns your gazebo into a shed, and protects patio gear.
  4. Prevents rust
    Prevents rust and corrosion of your gazebo hardware.
  5. Keeps your gazebo
    Keeps your gazebo looking new for a longer period of time.

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Gazebo Covers: Must-Have Accessories for the Winter

If you enjoy family time under a gazebo in the summer months, then it is important to make sure to take care of your shelter in the winter. A gazebo is an investment for your yard, and a winter gazebo cover is an economical way to protect your purchase. Harsh winters can take a toll on a gazebo, and winter covers are the perfect way to ensure your gazebo provides you with years of use. These durable winter gazebo covers can protect your structure from snow, icy conditions, and other issues caused by rough winter weather.

Strong Winter Covers for Any SOJAG Gazebo

These gazebo covers are made with ultra-strong polyethylene material, which offers an incredible barrier from snow and ice. Choose the best size cover for your gazebo model and enjoy ultimate protection until it’s time to come off for the warmer months. The use of winter covers make it easier to remove ice, snow, or debris while also shielding a metal gazebo from the elements. While you may enjoy gathering under a gazebo for family barbecues, your shelter can transform into something completely different thanks to winter covers. When winter covers are installed, your gazebo becomes an ideal storage unit for seasonal items like pool toys or outdoor furniture. Covered vents also allow for ample air circulation while still keeping ice, snow, and rain away from your belongings.

How do you Install a Gazebo Cover?

It is easier to install winter covers with help from a friend. Unfold the cover and match the longer and shorter sides to the corresponding areas of your gazebo. You will want to grab a stepladder to pull the winter cover over the top of the gazebo, doing so carefully to avoid tearing. When you notice the excess material at the bottom of the structure, fold the cover outwards and place weights on the material and attach using the eyelets.