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Relax More, Stress Less With a RIO Beach Cart

Spend your day at the beach relaxing, not carrying your gear back and forth. Shop RIO for a durable, convenient beach cart.

  1. Model #WWC12-46-1
    RIO Beach Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Beach Cart
    RIO Brands
    • 20% larger than the original Wonder Wheeler beach cart 
    • Carries up to 4 chairs

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When you’re packing for a day of fun in the sun by the water, you can’t leave the house without a RIO beach cart. Roomy enough to carry absolutely everything you need for a comfortable day in the sand, this outdoor gear as easy to use as it is versatile.

Beach Cart Options with Incredible Features

Easy to use: There’s no need to worry about difficult setup with a beach cart from RIO. They are simple to use, and thanks to sturdy 10-inch rubber wheels, these beach carts are easy to maneuver whether you’re on concrete or sand. Just pack your drinks, food, and magazines inside, and roll everything along without any hassle.

Creature comforts: There’s more to a RIO beach cart than meets the eye. While they provide a roomy storage pouch to keep whatever you need at arm’s reach, they also offer features that make your day even more of a breeze. Enjoy a built-in aluminum table, perfect for snack time or reading. An umbrella holder leaves you having to carry one less thing to and from the car. Insulated beverage compartments keep drinks safely in one spot, and the removable tote bag means you can carry around only what you need when you make it to the destination.

Size options: Whether you need a more compact beach cart or a more sizeable option, RIO provides different models that best suit your needs. Large enough to fit four beach chairs along with a spacious storage area for your belongings, you can choose the best size for your next adventure.

A RIO Beach Cart: Versatile Enough to Go Anywhere

While RIO makes your beach vacation more carefree, these rolling beach carts are only limited by your imagination. After you use them at the beach, they are versatile enough to tote along wherever your day takes you. A beach cart is perfect for a large family outing. Whether you’re headed to an outdoor concert or a farmer’s market, it provides an easy spot to keep everyone’s belongings without making multiple trips to the car. They’re even perfect for your child’s soccer games, allowing you to carry chairs and any other items you may need for the day.

No matter where you’re headed, you’ll never sweat another outing with ultra-convenient beach carts from RIO.