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Sleep Like a Log, Not On One

Want to sleep well while you're camping in the great outdoors? Shop RIO for a convenient, comfortable camping cot.

  1. Model #GRC363-410-1
    RIO Gear Smart XL Camping Cot, 7 ft., Black
    RIO Brands
  2. Model #C602-410-1
    RIO Gear Smart XXL Camping Cot, 7 ft. 1 in.
    RIO Brands
    • 7 ft. 1 in. XXL Camping Cot
    • Ample storage compartments
  3. Model #C402-401-1
    RIO Gear Smart L Camping Cot, 6 ft. 4 in.
    RIO Brands

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The great outdoors have never felt more like home with a RIO camping cot. Add this versatile piece of outdoor gear to your travel toolkit for supreme comfort that will provide a peaceful night’s sleep no matter where you lay your head. Forget a traditional sleeping bag on the floor in your tent with this modern and durable camping cot design.

Camping Bed Options with Unmatched Convenience

From the moment you arrive to your campsite, to the end of your outdoor adventure, these multifaceted camping cot choices bring an added layer of simplicity to your vacation, featuring:

  • Simple assembly: When it’s time to set up your sleeping space, these camping bed choices are a cinch to put together. You don't have to worry about difficult assembly because there are no loose parts.
  • Simple folding: This camping cot is simple enough for one person to set up with help from its patented step-down tension lock stability system, which also provides extra strength. Just push down on the lever to lock, and pull up to unlock.
  • Stowaway pouches: You want to keep your glasses and cell phone nearby, but don’t have a spot to put them on the campsite? There are plenty of areas to tuck away your belongings without having to worry about keeping them safe. Enjoy convenient pouches that stow away whatever you need with no fuss. There’s even a camping cot option with a padded laptop holder that will delight techies!
  • Cup holders: Keep a cool glass of water handy while you relax with built-in, adjustable and insulated cup holders.

Camping Cot Sizes for All

There’s no need to worry about finding a sleeping space for big and tall campers. These comfortable sleeping solutions don’t have end bars, which gives more head and ankle space for incredible relation. The largest camping cot has four step locks for increased stability, sturdy enough to accommodate up to 600 lb.

These camping beds also offer unmatched durability, constructed with quality polyester fabric. The powder coated steel frames stand up to the elements, providing rust and corrosion resistance. Whether you’re on a hunting trip or family camping vacation, a camping bed will provide the comfortable night’s sleep you crave.