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What is a Steel Garage?

A steel garage is an ultra-durable structure used to store anything from vehicles to farming equipment. A steel garage can shield your belongings from snow, wind, rain, and dirt, providing a layer of protection for whatever you plan to store inside.

What Is the Benefit of a Steel Garage Kit?

A steel garage is an incredible investment for your property if you need extra storage space to protect items from inclement weather. Built with high-quality steel, these steel garage kit options are strong enough to stand up to wind and snow. While strength is certainly one of the top benefits of these structures, there are others to consider when purchasing a steel garage.

Purchasing a metal garage kit is more cost effective when compared to wooden garages. They are manufactured with pre-drilled holes which make it easier for you to put together without expert assembly. This saves money and time, which is a huge benefit of purchasing a steel garage kit.

An Arrow Storage Products steel garage kit can also be put together in a fraction of the time when compared to either an added attached garage or a wooden garage. These options have the perfect blend of convenience and strength.

Are Steel Garages Durable?

A steel garage can last from 20 to 30 years, or even longer depending on your climate and how well it is cared for. These metal garage options are made from galvalume steel that stands up to the elements including snow and wind. 

Galvalume steel is created with aluminum, zinc, and silicone for incredible corrosion resistance. Choose from models with a limited 20-year warranty and rest assured your steel garage will protect your items season after season.

The Arrow Murryhill Steel Garage Kit

Durably crafted from galvanized steel, the Murryhill Garage resists corrosion and is backed by a 12-year limited warranty. It is equipped with a high-gable roof, and sizes 17 ft. and longer also come with reinforced steel trusses for the utmost in strength and stability. It is finished in Flute Gray with Anthracite trim for an attractive aesthetic that will complement the beauty of your home and yard. Its extra-wide roll-up door is wide enough to allow entry and removal of large items while the sliding side door provides easy walk-in access. The Murryhill Garage comes in prefabricated pieces that are cut and drilled to make assembly easy. While a concrete pad is recommended for the sturdiest foundation. However you place it, the ready-to-use pieces and step-by-step instructions make it simple for do-it-yourselfers to construct the garage with the help of friends.