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Relax More, Stress Less With a RIO Beach Cart

Spend your day at the beach relaxing, not carrying your gear back and forth. Shop RIO for a durable, convenient beach cart.

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A Beach Cart for Endless Convenience

Traveling to the beach is a relaxing experience, enjoying downtime with family with your toes in the sand. What you may not realize is what a hassle it can be to transport all of your items to and from your vehicle once you arrive to your destination. Your carefree day at the beach takes a sudden turn to a sweaty hassle without the right beach equipment to make your vacation easier.

From beach towels to books, children’s snacks to a volleyball, there are multiple items you’ll want at your fingertips as soon as you hit the sand. For all-in-one convenience at an affordable price, beach cart options from RIO will transform your entire experience by the water. Fit all the fun into a compact rolling cart with ultimate strength.

Large Beach Carts with Incredible Features

The truth is, beach carts are not all created equally. You should purchase one made with high-quality materials that can stand up to the elements at the beach. When choosing a spacious beach cart from RIO, rest assured you will be able to fit all the fun into one spot. It is loaded with features to ensure your day by the water is a breeze. Enjoy features including:

  • One handed folding system: Created with ultimate convenience in mind, you’ll only need one hand to fold this beach cart back into the car, or to lay on the sand while you enjoy your day at the beach. Whether you’re holding a towel or your hands are full of children’s snacks, this feature is sure to save you more than once especially while on family vacations.
  • Spacious pouch: Although your beach cart is essential for moving all your belongings to and from your vehicle or hotel room, it can sometimes be difficult to keep food or clothing safe from an onslaught of sand, wind, and in some cases even rain. The pouch inside this beach cart removes for convenient way to keep items like keys and cell phones safer when compared to leaving them exposed on your beach towel. There is enough area in this beach cart to hold a 48 qt. cooler.
  • Multiple storage pockets: From sunscreen to water, magazines to sandals, it can be difficult to keep all your must-have beach accessories in order. The storage pockets on this beach cart make organization a snap, and allows for extra protection from the elements. It also keeps you from having to mix items like your cell phone and water bottle to avoid accidents that can damage your belongings.
  • Insulated beverage compartments: A hot day by the water can turn your water bottle lukewarm in just minutes. Thanks to a built-in insulated beverage compartment, your drinks will stay protected from the harsh sun and stay cooler longer. This can also help keep condensation off items like magazines, books, or cell phones you also carry inside the beach cart.
  • Rubber pneumatic tires: When maneuvering any type of cart in a parking lot, it can be difficult to navigate through tight spaces or even from the street to the curb. The rubber pneumatic tires on this RIO beach cart make it simple to glide on any surface and make turning easy. Pneumatic tires also make moving across uneven surfaces a breeze, which means moving from the sidewalk to the sand will be a snap.
  • Umbrella holder: Umbrellas are a necessity when it comes to sitting outside in the harmful UV rays. They are an important tool in protecting yourself and your family from skin cancer. But they can be bulky and a bit of a hassle to carry when you have so many things to bring to your spot on the beach. This spacious beach cart has a built-in umbrella holder, which means your outdoor shade solution can make it to the beach hands-free!
  • Boogie board holder: Whether you want to kick back and take in the sun under a relaxing beach umbrella, or hit the water for a good workout, a boogie board is a must-have beach accessory for you and your family. They are awkward to carry while you’re transporting everything you need to and from the water. Enjoy a built-in boogie board holder for ultimate convenience that keeps your hands free for other items.
  • Chair holder: Comfy beach chairs are a must-have accessory for total relaxation by the water. But everyone knows they can be a little difficult to bring down to the water all at once. With this beach cart from RIO, you can fit up to four chairs at once for ultimate convenience.
  • Lightweight construction: Being able to maneuver a beach cart is important for a convenient and stress-free day. But once you unpack everything and get to the car, some carts can be bulky and too heavy to lift. This beach cart weighs in under 20 lb. and along with its one-handed folding design, is a snap to lift and place into your vehicle after a long day outside.
  • Stylish: Many moving carts have an industrial look that doesn’t appear beach or family friendly. This beach cart from RIO has a rich blue hue perfect to keep your spot on the beach while relaxing in tropical style.
  • Impressive weight capacity: Although this beach cart has a lightweight construction, it packs a big punch when it comes to how much you can place inside. A deluxe beach cart from RIO holds up to 100 lb. so you don’t have to leave anything behind when traveling to and from your car on your way to the water.
  • Easy to assemble: This amazing beach tool can be assembled in just five minutes, and you don’t even need any DIY skills. It’s a simple process that will have your toes in the sand in no time.

A Perfect Compact Beach Cart for Sand and Surf

If you don’t need a spacious beach cart with all the bells and whistles, you can choose a utility beach cart from RIO that will still provide extra convenience for your day at the beach. You can still pack everything you need for a quick trip to the water with a 50 lb. eight capacity. Features include:

  • Mesh pouch: Enjoy a mesh pouch to protect and organize your belongings. The bottom tray and rack keeps your items, like a cooler, in place while you roll through the sand.
  • Easy folding: This beach cart offers a simple folding mechanism that takes minimal effort to fold once you’re at the beach or entering your vehicle to head home.
  • Chair holder: The smaller RIO beach cart holds up to three beach chairs to make your walk to the water hassle-free.
  • Bungee cord: A built-in bungee cord secures your cooler, towels, and other items as you roll to your destination.

RIO Beach Carts: Versatility for Every Adventure

While this can certainly be a beach cart for sand adventures, these versatile tools can be used wherever your day takes you. From an outdoor concert to a farmer’s market, a baseball game to a family barbecue, RIO beach carts offer optimal performance at an affordable price. Take convenience to the next level for a hassle-free outdoor adventure all year round with a beach cart from RIO.