Get a Greenhouse for Your Gardening Needs

Are you an amateur gardener, or do you have a green thumb? A greenhouse from ShelterLogic will extend your growing season and let you get the most out of gardening.

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A ShelterLogic Greenhouse for All Gardening Needs

Greenhouses are a go-to tool for both large scale and small farms, as well as novice gardeners. A portable greenhouse allows you to control the environment where you plant crops, creating a space for your plants to grow stronger and faster. You can elongate your growing season while also protecting crops from harsh weather and pests. Made with strong UV treated fabric that evenly distributes light, your crops have never looked better!

Although greenhouses come with an initial investment, they certainly pay off when it comes to yield. From larger urban farms to a simple backyard garden, plants can start growing earlier in the season due to the protection a portable greenhouse provides. They are built with high-quality materials and rustproof frames that can fit any budget.

Mini-Greenhouses for the Patio, Deck, and Other Small Spaces

When you think of a greenhouse, you may think of a large space that is used for more sizeable growing operations. But the truth is, a small portable greenhouse protects your plants just as well as a larger one. When space is at a premium, choose a mini-greenhouse that fits perfectly on your back deck. Whether you’re in an apartment or a house, this smaller greenhouse packs a big punch when it comes to growing strong plants in your back yard.

Portable Greenhouses for the Backyard

If you need a little more space than a mini-greenhouse, but aren’t quite ready for a high tunnel, there are plenty of portable greenhouses for your backyard that won’t break the bank. From a raised bed greenhouse to a greenhouse in a box, choose from midsized portable greenhouse options with ultimate strength and versatility. These are also convenient because they can be moved if your needs change.

High Tunnel Greenhouses for Commercial Use

Increasing yield and keeping costs down is important in a commercial farm operation. High tunnel greenhouses are durable enough to last season after season for even large scale farms. The best part about our high tunnel greenhouses is you can buy exactly what you need. If you want a full kit, those are available. But if you only need a frame, you can choose to buy only what you need.