What is a SOJAG Pergola?

A SOJAG pergola is a structure with pillars or posts that support crossbeams with a gorgeous open lattice roof. These decorative structure is made to elevate any outdoor aesthetic and can also be used to add comfort and convenience to your backyard space.

Pergolas from SOJAG are constructed with AkzoNobel’s Interpon powder coating, which resists scratches and corrosion in the elements. The aluminum posts and crossbeams are built to last while welded anchoring plates offer increased durability. These pergola options are also created with DIYers in mind. Assembly is a breeze so you can enjoy the outdoors with your family.

How Does a Pergola Differ From a Gazebo?

While pergolas and gazebos are similar as decorative structures that add a stunning focal point to your property, they are not the same. A gazebo has a solid roof that is waterproof and made of aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, or fabric. A pergola has an open lattice roof. A gazebo is an all-weather shelter to protect you or your belongings from direct UV rays. A pergola is used to frame a walkway or patio, and their purpose is not solely to shield sunlight or rain.

How Does a Pergola Block the Sun?

Pergolas are not known for blocking the sun completely unless you choose to place a cover or fabric over the lattice roof. Without a cover, the sun will come through the beams in the roof. However, this also means that the cool breeze and circulation will make your day enjoyable.

Where Can You Put a Pergola?

A pergola is an ideal addition to any backyard where you need a focal point and pop of style. Many people choose to put it on the back patio near a swimming pool or barbecue grill. You can also place one on a deck or near a garden for a spot to place chairs and enjoy the view. If space is at a premium, the Dunwich pergola offers a compact solution with big style.