Soft Top Gazebos

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Affordable and Attractive Soft Top Gazebos

Want to add attractive shelter to your backyard space? Discover the practical and stylish elements of soft top gazebos.

  1. CA$299.99
  2. Model #24011
    Redwood Gazebo, 11 ft. x 11 ft. Bronze
    • Durable ripstop, water resistant cover
    • Strong steel frame

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Ways to Enjoy a Soft Top Gazebo

A gazebo is an attractive shade and shelter solution that provides an open view of the outdoor space around you. A backyard gazebo is often used as a space to entertain guests, get shade on sunny summer days, or as the perfect entryway to a gorgeous garden. Soft top gazebos are a great alternative to a backyard canopy because they are portable, but also used as more permanent structures. Soft top gazebos are also a great alternative to gazebos in other materials like wood or metal, because they are often significantly less expensive than these types of structures. Soft top gazebos are an easy way to add attractive shade and character to your backyard space, a patio area, pool side and much more.

A Portable Gazebo with Versatility

If you want a stunning addition to your backyard without breaking the bank, the Redwood Gazebo and Sequoia from ShelterLogic will give the shade and protection you need. These gazebos are a cost-effective way to add a beautiful aesthetic to any outdoor space. Although they can be used as more permanent shade solutions for your backyard area, they are also functional and portable, so you can move your soft top gazebo to different parts of your backyard space when you need to. That means if you want a gazebo by your pool deck one day, and need a shade solution for a barbecue on the lawn the next, you have the option.

The soft top gazebos are also available in different size options: choose from an 11 x 11 ft. or 12 x 12 ft model with style and function. The Sequoia even boasts a vented cover with extendable awning for when you need additional shade protection on hot summer days. These backyard gazebos provide a simple setup with no additional parts needed.

Durable Patio Gazebos Made to Last

Our soft top gazebos are manufactured with ultra-strong steel frames that are powder coated for rust and corrosion resistance. The corner posts add extra stability to the frame. In addition, the 300D water resistant and fire-rated fabric covers protect against harmful UV rays and are safe to use for you and your guests. Four exterior 4’’ wide cross beam trusses make the structure solid, while 8 beams reinforce the roof to give it supreme support. These gorgeous shade solutions will last season after season thanks to high-quality construction.