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Rest Easy with Comfortable Camping Cots

No need to struggle your next camping trip: shop camping cots and rest easy.

  1. Model #GRC363-410-1
    RIO Gear Smart XL Camping Cot, 7 ft., Black
    RIO Brands
  2. Model #C602-410-1
    RIO Gear Smart XXL Camping Cot, 7 ft. 1 in.
    RIO Brands
    • 7 ft. 1 in. XXL Camping Cot
    • Ample storage compartments
  3. Model #C402-401-1
    RIO Gear Smart L Camping Cot, 6 ft. 4 in.
    RIO Brands

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Camping Cots for Outdoor Comfort

If you're looking for camping gear like camping cots, camping beds, camping tables, and quad chairs; look no further than our ShelterLogic Group outdoor sports and recreation products. Here, you'll find everything you need for your next camping adventure. Even though camping is all about soaking up everything Mother Nature has to offer, everyone wants the comforts of home when it’s time to go to sleep. That’s why it’s important to find a cozy yet strong camping bed for those nights at the camp site. Camping cots from RIO are perfect for relaxing in your tent after a long day of fishing or hiking. Enjoy a sound night’s sleep while you’re away from your bed with a sturdy folding cut loaded with extra features to make you feel right at home.

A Folding Cot with Convenience

Whether you’re hunting, swimming, or hiking, chances are the last thing you want to do is spend time and energy on setting up an elaborate camp at the end of the day. Instead of tossing a sleeping bag on the ground in your tent, make sure you pack a camping bed from RIO. These camping cots have no loose parts, so set up is a snap with the step-down locks.

Their innovative design means there’s no need for uncomfortable end bars, which gives you more room to relax your head and feet. Stretch out and enjoy the roomy camping bed with a rugged yet comfy polyester sling. For campers who can’t quite say goodbye to technology outdoors, choose a camp cot with a padded laptop holder. Keep your eyeglasses safe and close by with a built-in eye glass holder.

Camping Cots Made to Last

Comfort isn’t the only important feature in a camp cot. Choosing a durable folding cot means it will stand up to the elements outside. Camping cots from RIO are made with powder coated steel, resistant to rust and corrosion. These ultra-strong camping beds can hold up to 600 lb., perfect for big and tall campers. These models are also constructed with a patented tension lock stability system for unmatched strength. And when you’re done at the camp site, pack up your folding cot into a convenient storage carry bag for simple transport back to your car. With camping cots from RIO, you'll enjoy a restful night sleep even when you’re far away from your own bed.