Portable Sun Shelters

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Get Added Sun Protection with Portable Sun Shelters

Get great shade no matter where you are with portable sun protection. Add a layer of SPF to your next outdoor activity with our portable sun shelters.

  1. Model #167604-2002-1
    RIO Go Easy Beach Canopy - Surf Power Stripe
    RIO Brands
  2. Model #BH301-202-1
    RIO Pop-up Beach Shelter - Surf Power Surfers
    RIO Brands
  3. Model #CAB201-1915-1
    RIO Umbrella Cabana - Cabana Stripe
    RIO Brands
  4. CA$64.99
  5. Model #TSBSD103-2019-1
    RIO Beach Total Sunblock Kids Beach Tent
    RIO Brands
  6. Model #ETSB8-2019-1
    RIO Beach Total Sun Block Extreme Shade 8 ft. Sun Shelter
    RIO Brands
    • Comfortably fitslocks 99.8% of UVA and UVB rays.2 vehicles side-by-side
    • 8 ft. Diameter
  7. Model #CAB101-1
    RIO Beach Sol Cabana Beach Tent
    RIO Brands
  8. Model #BH201-88-1
    RIO Beach - Beach Tent
    RIO Brands

8 Items

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Portable Sun Shelters for a Great Day of Outdoor Fun

Nothing can ruin a great day of outdoor fun like overexposure to the sun. Even on an overcast day, too much sun can cause dehydration, sunburn, and overheating. You and your family can take a break from the elements in a portable and practical sun shelter or beach tent! The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends sun shelters and beach tents to reduce the threat of sunburn. These handy and convenient fabric structures are designed to provide practical protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Many Varieties of Sun Shelters and Beach Shelters to Choose From

Whether you’re at the beach, the park, the campsite, or your backyard, these compact, durable fabric shelters set up in minutes and keep you protected all day. Beach tents, cabanas, or umbrella style sun shelters share similar attributes. They feature mesh windows to provide ventilation and a silver protective undercoating to deliver UPF 50+ protection. They also come with tent stakes so you can secure them to the grass or sand. Some beach tents are built to protect toddlers and babies. These types of 4-sided tents have a built-in fabric floor to protect their sensitive skin from the hot sand underneath! This kind of tent can block 99.8 percent of UVA and UVB rays and keep your kids safe.

Some beach tents that pop up like a band shell and are big enough to protect two people sitting in beach or camp chairs. Cabana-style beach tents have three walls, a wide-open front, an angled roof, and can protect 3 or 4 people. Umbrella-style sun shelters can rest on the ground to block the sun from any direction or be used as a traditional beach umbrella.

Sun Shelters for Anyplace You Need Shade

Sun shelters can be used anyplace you need portable shade. They are great to bring to a concert in the park or to your kids’ soccer tournament: they take up less room than a pop-up canopy tent and don’t block people’s view. Take one to the playground so you and your kids have a shady place to take a break. A sun shelter is also great for your own backyard: They set up nicely beside the pool on a hot summer day, or near the firepit on a crisp fall day!