ShelterLogic AccelaFrame Shelter

Choose Your Cover Grade, Configure Your Quick Assembly Shelter Up to 100 ft.


Standard Grade

Standard 9 oz Polyethylene

Available in Clear, Gray, Green, Tan or White

Superior Grade

Heavy Duty 14.5 oz PVC

Available in Gray, Green, Tan or White

Premium Grade

Ultra Duty 21.5 oz PVC

Available in Green or White

Why Choose the ShelterLogic AccelaFrame Shelter?

Looking for a quick assembly, strong steel frame shelter? Whether you’re in the market for a seasonal storage solution with easy assembly and disassembly, or you need an all-season shelter that won’t quit, the AccelaFrame shelter could be the perfect fit for your needs.

Save Time with Faster Assembly


Go from box to building in minutes* thanks to AccelaFrame’s quick and easy assembly system. With fewer parts and more efficient assembly, the AccelaFrame cuts down on assembly time so you can start using your shelter sooner.


*Time lapse video based on a 12 x 15 x 9 ft. shelter. Assembly times may vary depending on the size of your unit and the number of individuals assembling.


The ShelterLogic AccelaFrame Assembles in 1,2,3!

Due to its truly unique design, ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame shelter and garage assembles quickly in 3 basic steps, making it one of our most efficient shelters.

Step 1

The pre-assembled ribs simply unfold and lock with an easy press of a lever. The revolutionary design of the AccelaFrame™ system allows quicker assembly and disassembly, while retaining an overall strong building.

Step 2

Each rib is attached by inserting cross rails with a simple push pin, no tools required. In minutes, the entire frame is assembled and ready for the cover and end panels.

Step 3

The shelter is anchored to the ground. The cover is pulled over the frame and attached to the cover rails. Ratchets and sliding cover rails are used to tighten the cover.

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A Shelter for All Seasons

Thanks to the unique shape of the AccelaFrame shelter and garage, you may find less accumulation of the elements on the roof of your building compared to other storage buildings and garages. This makes it the perfect shelter or garage for seasonal use.

Great for use as:

Car Storage Tractor Storage Temporary Shelter Outdoor Workstation + Workshop
On-Site Shelter  On-Site Storage  Boat Storage  Seasonal Vehicle Storage + Shelter
Classic Car Storage  Backyard Garage

ShelterLogic AccelaFrame Features + Benefits

2X Stronger Rib Joints

These all-steel, zinc plated q235 joints are 2x stronger than joints found in other standard shelters. Joints pivot, open and lock in place for assembly that’s fast and easy.


Revolutionary Rib System

Pre-assembled frame sections unfold out of the box, optimizing assembly and disassembly. The AccelaFrame has been engineered for quicker assembly, disassembly and storage. Simply unfold the ribs and lock them into place.


High Grade Steel Frame

1 5/8 in. / 42mm diameter steel pipe frame is powder coated for protection against chipping, rust and corrosion.


Slide Cover Rail Tensioning

Get a secure cover to frame fit thanks to the Sliding Cover Rail Tensioning system, for a secure and stable structure overall.

Rip Stop Fabric Cover

Choose from a variety of tough fabric covers including our Heavy Duty 14.5 oz. or our Ultra Duty 21.5 oz. covers.

Warranty Information






Available in Clear, Gray, Green, Tan, and White

1 Year Prorated 1 Year 1 Year Prorated

Heavy Duty 14.5 oz.*

Available in Gray, Green, Tan, and White

10 Years Prorated 3 Years Prorated 1 Year Prorated

Ultra Duty PVC 21.5 oz.*

Available in Green and White

15 Years Prorated 3 Years Prorated 1 Year Prorated

Available Fabric Color Options

Depending on the cover grade you require, different colors are available to you. We offer up to 5 cover color options.




*All fabric weights calculations are in oz. per m2

*Our covers are made strong and UV treated inside and out for maximum protection

*Fire rated FR fabric NFPA 701 compliant.

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