On Site Workshops: Storage and Shelter for Any Industry

on site storage

Whether your business is growing at a rapid pace, or simply needs extra storage space for materials, ShelterTech offers custom building options for virtually any shelter or storage needs you may have. Instead of breaking the bank by expanding your building or renting extra space, these portable shelters are perfect on site workshops for any industry.

On Site Workshops In a Snap

Does your construction site need immediate shelter? Or do you need bulk storage customized to your business? You don’t have to worry about a massive disruption with these commercial storage options. In fact, these structures can be built in just days. First, you should decide which style fits best with the needs of your business. You can choose from:

  • Peak style: This option has the simplest installation.
  • Round style: This structure is best at shedding elements like snow.
  • Barn style: This choice will give you the largest amount of cubic storage for on site workshops big and small to fit any budget and space and usable headroom.

You can customize your building as small as 20 ft. long, or as long as 100 ft! You can create your own shelter to house your seasonal inventory, or even store vehicles for your company. Customizing is easy, and setup is simple. That means you can move the building later on if your needs change. When you compare this option to permanent buildings, you will not only be getting a quality alternative, it will save you plenty of time while keeping your business running, too.

Advantages to ShelterTech Buildings

The ShelterLogic SP Series is a durable line of buildings made to last. These innovative structures are manufactured using galvanized steel and top-of-the-line materials. The steel frames are built in the USA, and undergoes a hot dipped galvanization process. What are some other benefits to choosing these buildings for your on site workshops?

  • Quality fabric covers: These covers are heavy-duty and UV-treated. That means it can stand up to the elements, providing shelter for your employees or valuable materials. You can even customize your cover by choosing from a 14.5 oz fabric or Ultra Duty 21.5 oz fabric that is UV treated inside and out.
  • Supreme Strength: These buildings come with our patented ShelterLock stabilizers. That guarantees a stronger frame when compared to similar fabric structure buildings.
  • Simple Setup: Other on site workshops could take weeks or even months to build on your property. Thanks to the universal foot plate design, construction is easy on almost any foundation or surface.
  • Multiple Options: Does your business change at a quick pace? Do you anticipate having to possibly move this building, or even make it larger? ShelterTech SP Series buildings are portable. You can disassemble them, and then erect them in a new area on your property if you need to. And if you figure out you need even more space than you thought, these buildings are expandable, too!

When it comes to on site workshops, ShelterTech SP Series is a no-brainer! With size options to fit any space and budget, it’s the perfect choice for a business big or small. These buildings are designed to stand up to rough weather and keep your employees and goods safe and protected. And with so many customizable options, there truly is something for everyone.


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