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Our tough made, versatile ShelterTech SP Series buildings are perfect for a variety of different industries. From agriculture storage to your personal outdoor workshop, discover if ShelterTech is right for you.

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Discover Our Wide Array of Outdoor Products from ShelterLogic Group Brands

From outdoor storage to stylish backyard furniture, we have everything you need to re-discover the outdoors. Shop by departments and find the outdoor solution for you. Discover durable, reliable and stylish products for every one of your outdoor adventures and needs.

Best Sellers
239 Options Available
Arrow Carport
Arrow Storage Products
From CA$1,599.99
From CA$3,406.97
96 Options Available
Arrow RV Carport
Arrow Storage Products
From CA$1,599.99
2 Options Available
Monarc Canopy™
3339 Options Available
ShelterCoat Custom Shelter, Peak
From CA$369.99
From CA$3,703.94
From CA$3,398.31
381 Options Available
ShelterTube Wind and Snow Rated Garage, Heavy Duty
From CA$2,099.99
374 Options Available
ShelterTube Wind and Snow Rated Garage, Standard
From CA$1,599.99
194 Options Available
ShelterTube Wind and Snow Rated Garage, Ultra Duty
From CA$2,499.99

Shop Everything You Need to Rediscover the Outdoors

From outdoor storage and shelter solutions like garages and carports, to stylish patio furniture, to portable beach coolers: ShelterLogic Group brands offer unique solutions for all your outdoor needs. Our brands are reputed as some of the most respected, and we strive to develop and manufacture reliable, affordable and all-around excellent quality products for our customers.

Storage and Shelter That Won’t Quit

Discover excellent solutions to store and shelter your most prized valuables; be it your vehicle, RV, or outdoor equipment: choose from a wide selection of outdoor sheds, garages and carports in our outdoor storage buildings section.
Did you know we manufacture wind and snow rated shelters and carports? Our brands are committed to offering customers a variety of options in the durable outdoor storage and shelter category. Wind and snow rated garages and carports provide more reinforced security and shelter for your vehicles and valuables when weather conditions get tougher. Discover these great storage products and much more, today.

All-Steel Sheds and Fabric Sheds Storage

Looking for storage that’s more compact? We have a variety of stylish and affordable outdoor shed solutions you can choose from. Choose from fabric sheds perfect for small footprint spaces, to steel sheds and metal sheds that offer pad lockable, secure shelter for your items. Available in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and coolers. Discover the next addition to your backyard space.

Stunning Gazebos, Solariums and Patio Furniture

We take outdoor entertaining to the next level with an attractive and durable array of gazebo, solarium and patio furniture selection that can’t be beat. Our all-steel gazebos are attractive and provide the perfect space for backyard relaxation and entertaining. Our patio furniture creates a relaxing and stylish atmosphere for any outdoor space. Discover our solutions for stylish and comfortable outdoor entertaining!

We’ve Got Everything You Need for Your Next Adventure

From folding chairs and backpack chairs, to camping tables and portable shade: everything you need for your next outdoor adventure is just a click away. Choose from a wide selection of styles, colors, and options in the outdoor sports and recreation category and discover great solutions for the whole family.

Discover the Difference with ShelterLogic Group Brands

We take pride in our products and our brand lines are some of the most recognized in North America. Our goal is to offer you with solutions for all your outdoor and recreation needs. Discover great products and great prices, and find what you’re looking for for your next outdoor adventure.