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What is a Pergola?

When looking to transform your backyard from ordinary to an outdoor oasis, many homeowners choose to add a pergola to elevate their outdoor aesthetic. A pergola is a structure with pillars or posts that support crossbeams resulting in a gorgeous open lattice roof. While it serves a decorative function, it can also be used to add comfort and convenience to your backyard space.

Pergolas from SOJAG are constructed with AkzoNobel’s Interpon powder coating which resists scratches and corrosion in the elements. The aluminum posts and crossbeams are built to last while welded anchoring plates offer increased durability. These pergola options are also created with DIYers in mind. Assembly is a breeze so you can enjoy the outdoors with your family.

How Do You Use a Pergola?

You can use your imagination when it comes to deciding how to use your pergola. Just placing one on your property gives it an automatic upgrade and timeless elegance. Pergolas from SOJAG come with retractable privacy screens which ups the ante on privacy. This means you can use your pergola to frame a gorgeous garden, or to add shaded space for family and friends who want to enjoy your back yard. A pergola increases curb appeal whether you decide to use it for decorative purposes or shade protection.

How is a Pergola Different from a Gazebo?

While pergolas and gazebos are similar because they are aesthetically pleasing outdoor structures, they are not the same. A pergola has crossbeams that create the open lattice roof, while a gazebo has a solid proof that is waterproof and made of aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, or fabric.

A gazebo is made not only to protect from direct UV rays, it can also protect from rain due to its waterproof roof. A gazebo is an all-weather shelter where a pergola is either used only for decoration, or to protect yourself or your plants from direct sunlight. Pergolas are perfect for framing walkways, patios, or gardens.