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Whether you want to protect your horse or its feed from the elements, shop ShelterLogic for affordable, practical equine shelter solutions.

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ShelterLogic Solutions for the Farm

Sometimes a barn or standalone building can be too expensive for your farm or property. The good news is portable shelters can provide the same protection that your horses and livestock need in order to stay healthy. Both run-in shelters and corral shelters are an ideal option if you are looking for durable, high-quality shelters at an affordable price.

Run-in Shelters

Run-in shelters offer the most freedom for your livestock because they are open ended. Manufactured with high-quality materials that can stand up to Mother Nature, these run-in shelters promote airflow while protecting animals from overheating. It is important for horses to have enough space to roam around in order to be happy and healthy. A run-in shelter offers the best of both worlds with a cover from the harmful UV rays without closing them off to the rest of your property. The premium powder coat finish protects the structure from rust and corrosion while the durable polyethylene cover can withstand the elements.

Corral Shelters

Corral shelters are similar to run-in shelters, but they have three walls that can corral livestock when attached to a gate. Corral shelters come in a variety of sizes along with different levels of thickness depending on your unique needs. Just like a run-in shelter, corral shelters can be moved to different areas of the property when your needs change. Unlike permanent standalone buildings, these shelters from ShelterLogic provide incredible versatility for your property.