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Get a commercial greenhouses, high tunnel kits and cold frames at a great price. Configure your own greenhouse today and get the size and specifications you want.

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What are High Tunnel Greenhouses?

High tunnel greenhouses are structures that are used to grow crops while keeping them safe from the outside weather. High tunnel greenhouses come in many different shapes and sizes and can even be customizable based on your needs. From large scale farms to novice growers, high tunnel greenhouses can increase output no matter your unique growing needs.

You may also hear the term “high tunnel greenhouse” used interchangeably for these types of structures. Crops are grown directly in the soil and generally don’t need separate ventilation or electricity unless you choose those features.

How Does a High Tunnel Greenhouse Work?

High tunnel greenhouses from ShelterLogic are manufactured with galvanized steel frames and high tech luminate diffusion covers which diffuse light more evenly. This means your crops can receive the light and heat they need without being subjected to extreme temperatures or pests.

High tunnel greenhouses from ShelterLogic are ultra-convenient for growers because you can purchase what you need instead of an entire kit. If you only need the frame, there is no need to purchase a whole kit. You can order frames with widths up to 38 ft. wide and lengths up to 100 ft. with a round or peak style roof as high as 15 ft.

Does a High Tunnel Greenhouse Give Growers an Advantage?

High tunnel greenhouses can extend your growing season by either beginning seedlings and transferring them outside, or even growing your entire crop inside the greenhouse. These high tunnel greenhouses allow you to control the climate and you can even lift the doors for increased ventilation if needed.

In addition, high tunnel greenhouses can help to keep pests away. When crops are protected by high-quality fabric, it makes it more difficult for your plants to succumb to natural threats. Growing earlier in the season means you can grow your plants stronger and faster.