How to Choose the Best Beach Chair

How to Choose the Best Beach Chair
May 08, 2023

Relaxing at the beach is one of the best possible ways to spend a day, but without the right beach chair, it can be hard to relax. When most people think of the best beach chair, they have a specific image in mind. However, the best beach chair is not a universal one size fits all.

There are many different kinds of beach chairs, from backpack beach chairs to shade chairs, and then there are different sizes to consider. So, with all the different options available, how do you choose the best beach chair for you? Well – that’s the question we’re going to answer in this article: How do you choose the best beach chair?

Keep reading to learn:

  • What a beach chair is
  • The features of a beach chair
  • The different types of beach chairs
  • How beach chairs differ from other portable chairs
  • And much more

What is a beach chair?

The short answer is, of course, that a beach chair is a chair that you use at the beach. But the longer, more specific answer is that a beach chair is a portable chair that has a number of features designed to make relaxing at the beach as convenient and comfortable as possible. As mentioned, there are various different types of beach chairs, but generally speaking, they all share a few common traits. So, let’s look at the main characteristics and features of a beach chair.

How to choose a Beach Chair CoupleHow to choose a Beach Chair Couple

What are the features of a beach chair?

Beach chairs come in just about every different shape and size imaginable, but for the most part, there are a few key features that give them away as beach chairs. Let's look at three of the main characteristics of a beach chair now.

Multiple tilt positions

Most beach chairs will have multiple tilt positions. This is so that you can lay down and tan, sit up and enjoy a drink, or sit normally while talking with family and friends. For the most part, other portable chairs don’t tilt in all these different ways, so if you see a portable chair that fully reclines, then there's a great chance that it was designed for lounging on a beach.

Cup holders

Cup holders alone don't give away a portable chair as a beach chair, but if you see a portable chair without cup holders, then you can be certain that it's not a beach chair. Almost all beach chairs, with very few exceptions, will have a cup holder. This is because beaches are typically hot, and people need a cold drink to help them cool off while sitting out in the hot sun.

Cellphone holders

Cellphone holders are another key feature found in almost all quality beach chairs. With few exceptions, cell phones aren't waterproof, so when people go for a dip in the water, they need somewhere to store their phones. Again, there are other portable chairs that feature cell phone holders, but for the most part, this is a feature unique to beach chairs.

What is a backpack beach chair?

Backpack beach chairs are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and practicality. For those who don't know what a backpack beach chair is, It’s a beach chair that offers straps for portability similar to what you might find on a backpack. In other words, it’s a chair you can carry on your back comfortably. One of the most popular types of backpack beach chairs is the RIO chair due to its stylish design options and portability.

What is a shade chair?

Another very popular type of beach chair is the shade chair which features an overhead canopy section designed to offer shade while relaxing on the beach so that you don't get sunburnt or heat stroke. Most shade chairs allow you to easily attach or detach the shade so that you can get as much or as little sun as you want. This way, you can tan for a while, but when you've had enough of the scorching hot sun, you can attach the shade and relax without putting yourself at risk.

Best Beach Chairs PairBest Beach Chairs Pair

How does a beach chair differ from other portable outdoor chairs?

So, as we've already seen, beach chairs tend to differ in a few key ways from other portable chairs, such as camping chairs and quad chairs. But let's look at a few more differences that might help you when deciding what type or style of beach chair to buy.

Different frame styles

Beach chairs typically have a different style of frame compared with other portable chairs. Again, this is because beach chairs tend to be more flexible and offer additional degrees of tilt compared with their camping counterparts. When choosing a beach chair, one of the first things you should consider is whether you want a beach chair that fully reclines or if you would prefer to have a chair that always remains upright. If you plan to tan or lay down in your chair, then be sure to inspect the frame so that you can be positive that it offers the various different positions and degrees of tilt, as mentioned above.

Different materials

Beach chairs are also often made of different materials compared to other portable chairs. Camping chairs, for example, tend to be slightly more durable because they are often used in more rugged terrain and under harsher weather conditions; as such, they need to be more rugged than beach chairs which are more or less designed to be as soft and comfortable as possible.

So, when purchasing a beach chair, consider what else you plan to use your chair for. If the chair is only for the beach, look for a chair that will offer the most comfort, but if you plan to use your chair while camping as well, then consider buying something that offers a happy balance of comfort and durability.

Different ways of folding

Different types of portable chairs fold differently. To use the example of camping chairs again, they tend to fold inwards on themselves so as to be as portable as possible. Beach chairs, on the other hand, generally fold up. That said, it's possible to find beach chairs that fold inwards and camping chairs that fold up, so this isn't a hard and fast rule.

You can think of it this way. Camping chairs are often carried over long distances and, as such, need to be as compact as possible. However, when people head to the beach, they normally travel in a vehicle, which means that there is less need for portability and a greater need for comfort.

Low chairs vs. tall chairs?

The final consideration to make when choosing the best beach chair for you is what height or size beach chair is right for you. Low chairs tend to sit – you guessed it – lower to the sand. Whereas tall chairs, on the other hand, sit higher off the ground.

For the most part, this is a matter of personal preference but be aware that chairs designed to recline fully tend to sit a bit lower down, which helps with portability and is also a bit more practical. That said, if you have the cargo space and don't feel like being too close to the hot sand, then a tall beach chair might be perfect for you.

Choosing the best beach chair

Lounging at the beach is an activity that's pretty universal in that most people on Earth will agree it's a great way to spend a day or even a lifetime, depending on who you ask. However, when you're relaxing at the beach, it's also important to make sure you feel comfortable and so choosing the right beach chair is paramount to your long-term happiness.

To the untrained eye, all portable chairs may seem interchangeable, but in reality, there are stark differences between the various types of portable chairs, such as camping chairs, quad chairs, and beach chairs. Beach chairs tend to have various features that most other portable chairs don't have, like the ability to fully recline and cell phone holders, as well as sunshades.

So, before you purchase the best beach chair, be sure to consider a few factors such as the frame style, the materials used in the chair’s construction, the size of the chair, how comfortable it is, and what else you plan to use the chair for, as all of these considerations are instrumental when choosing not just a beach chair, but any portable chair.

That said, by following the guidelines set forth in this article, you should be able to pick out the best beach chair that will be both portable and practical so that you can get more enjoyment from your days at the beach without sacrificing on comfort, style, or functionality.

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