Elite Series Steel Storage Buildings

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Premium Storage Solutions

The Arrow Elite Series Steel Storage buildings are a premium storage solution that offer ample storage space with a modern look that fits into any backyard aesthetic. The elite series steel storage sheds are made of ultra-corrosion resistant Perma Plate steel, which is 45% thicker than traditional steel sheds. 72 inch tall vertical walls provide ample headroom and height to stack stored items. Built-in air vents allow for air circulation while the door is closed. The Elite series has large swing doors with brushed metal handles and an integrated key lock for extra security.

Built to Last

The Elite series is crafted from galvalume, which is an aluminum and zinc plated steel with high corrosion resistance. The galvanized steel is coated with clear acrylic finish to give the shed a barge metal look. The elite series steel storage shed comes with a 15-year limited warranty to ensure your shed lasts.

Frequently asked Steel Storage Building Questions:

What kind of foundation do I need for a steel building?

A concrete slab foundation is the most common choice for steel storage buildings. Ensuring that your steel shed has a solid foundation to sit upon will go a long way in the longevity of your shed. Our sheds can also be installed on gravel or paving slabs if the ground is solid and level enough. It is not recommended to place a steel storage shed on just dirt or grass, as this can introduce unwanted moisture.

How long will a metal shed last?

On average, a metal shed can last more than 20 years. Metal sheds require little to no maintenance to ensure a long life span. The Elite Series steel storage buildings come with a 15 year warranty.