Oilfield Equipment Covers and Buildings

Storing Oil Field Supplies to Protect Your Investment 

Oil rigs are complex structures that ultimately extract, process, and store petroleum and natural gas. The facilities needed to make this process run smoothly include outdoor shelters that store drilling tools and oil field supplies. These shelters can also be utilized to protect oil rig workers on site, especially in unpredictable weather. Drilling oil can be a painstaking job while contending with the elements for hours on end. Reliable oil field equipment covers can offer superior protection to keep oil field equipment in proper working order for years to come.

How to Use Sturdy Shelters on Oil Rigs 

Oil field equipment can be both expensive and cumbersome. Drilling tools must be protected from the elements to ensure they stay in proper working order for oil rig workers. These shelters offer impressive customization options for unique solutions to fit your every need. Fabric storage solutions on oil rigs are only limited by your imagination, and can be utilized in a number of different ways including: 

  • Supply storage: All supplies on an oil field must be shielded from the elements. More often than not, drilling for oil is performed in more remote areas where buildings are not readily available. Fabric storage solutions are an ideal option to store supplies on any part of the property, and can also be moved easily when needs change. 
  • Pump enclosure: You can create a custom rig enclosure with fabric storage solutions that shield equipment from rain, harsh UV sunlight, dirt, and any other environmental issues that pose a threat to the pump. 
  • Heavy equipment storage: There is a variety of heavy equipment needed for drilling oil, and each of these items needs a safe and secure storage solution for the duration of the job. Cars and trucks can fit within spacious fabric shelters anywhere on property for supreme protection in any climate. 
  • Crew protection: Oil rig workers must contend with harsh weather conditions during long hours. These oil field structures can be utilized for offices or even an area to eat and congregate, creating a more enjoyable working environment for all. 


Benefits of Oil Field Equipment Covers 

Purchasing fabric storage solutions from ShelterLogic have a variety of benefits on an oil rig. From customization to affordability, these outdoor storage buildings are a smart choice for any business looking for protection on the go. These strong and reliable shelters have a number of unique features that will create a safer and more convenient environment, including: 

  • Added security: Equipment theft is an issue at many job sites. Adding a shelter for your oil field equipment makes it less likely thieves will swipe expensive equipment.  
  • Customizable: These storage solutions can be created based exactly on the specifications needed for work on an oil rig. You can choose the color, length, width, and the type of fabric based on the climate and storage needs on the work site.  
  • Versatility: These storage shelters are ideal for oil field supplies because they can be used multiple times. Fabric outdoor buildings from ShelterLogic can be disassembled and reassembled when needed, whether you need to move storage to another part of your current job site, or you want to reuse it at the next location.  
  • Lower costs: There are many ways a fabric shelter can save money for an oil company. Fabric buildings are more cost effective than their all-metal counterparts as well as traditional standalone buildings. The addition of a storage solution also increases productivity and reduces maintenance costs.  
  • Easy assembly: These buildings take days to assemble instead of weeks, which gets your workforce moving faster with less down time. There is no professional assembly required, which also saves money in construction costs.
  • Durability: The high-quality polyethylene covers with all-metal frames stand up to Mother Nature season after season. Oil rigs are many times located in more remote locations where inclement weather is an issue, so a reliable shelter is a must-have for the job site. 
  • Expandable: Choose from options that can be expanded if your storage needs change down the line. This means you won’t have to purchase an entirely new building. 


Shelter Options for Oil Rigs 

Oil industry job sites can benefit from fabric buildings from ShelterLogic due to the high-quality construction, versatility, and affordability. Choosing the ideal shelter for your job site depends on storage needs, budget, and climate. Here are reliable options to choose from. 

ShelterCoat Portable Storage Solutions 

Whether you need to store drilling tools, shelter oil rig workers, or protect vehicles on the job site, ShelterCoat has fully customizable buildings to choose from that will create a more organized work site. Pick your own size, style, and color options to fit your unique storage needs. These shelters have simple assembly and can be disassembled and reassembled for your next job site in a snap. When compared to a standalone permanent building, they are also more cost effective to fit a smaller budget. These are ideal for the oil industry due to the variety of benefits and features including: 

  • Cover strengths: When it comes to customization, the cover strengths allow for a truly unique storage solution based on your needs. Choose from a standard 9 oz cover, heavy duty 14.5 oz cover, and an ultra-duty 21.5 oz cover, all with incredibly rugged construction. Depending upon the climate, you can choose the level of protection you anticipate. 
  • Weatherproof fabric: The heavy-duty covers stand up to the elements and are UV treated to combat harsh sunlight that can take a heavy toll on any shelter. These shelters are also waterproof to ensure the highest level of protection for your belongings on an oil rig.
  • Powder coated finish: The all-steel frames create a sturdy shelter ideal for all weather protection. A powder coated finish staves off rust and corrosion for a reliable shelter season after season.
  • Wind and snow load rated: When wicked weather is a possibility, these shelters come with impressive wind and snow load ratings to protect the structure and the oil field supplies inside. 


ShelterTech Portable Storage Solutions


ShelterTech buildings are ideal for use on oil rigs because of their rugged durability and incredible versatility. Whether you need a more compact option to store smaller drilling tools, or a spacious shelter for vehicles and bulkier equipment, ShelterTech offers a size for any need and budget. Start by choosing from three different shapes: round, barn, and peak. You can also choose from two different options with varying cover thickness. These wind and snow load rated buildings can withstand rough weather that oil rig workers often contend with. Other features include: 

  • Rugged covers: The polyethylene ripstop tough covers offer supreme protection from whipping wind and heavy rain, providing a safe place for drilling tools and other oil field equipment. 
  • Simple assembly: There is no need for professional assembly with these customizable fabric outdoor buildings. They come together in a matter of days instead of weeks or months compared to permanent buildings. 
  • Expandable: Choose from expandable options, which means you can purchase additional space if your storage needs change throughout the length of your job. 
    Incredible sturdiness: Patended ShelterLock stabilizers provide an incredible source of stability, while universal foot plates offer a sturdy base on just about any surface.